Event : Karthika Masam Vanabhojanam

Vibhag Title : Qatar Vibhag
Event Date : 11-11-2022 12:00:00 am

It was a bright and sunny day. We drove about 50 km from our homes to one of the locations in the Northern part of the city. By the time we reached, some people had arrived and parked outside, and others started trailing us.

Quite apprehensively, we got down the vehicle and reached the location but were made to be at ease because of the cordial reception of the chief members of WAM. The organisers selected a magnificently large building that could accommodate approximately 200 enthusiastic members, which also had a lush green lawn outside.

We assembled in one of the halls and made registrations for the event and a lucky dip (really ??). After spending a few minutes discussing with some of the known/unknown faces, we were directed to the food counter, which the volunteers wonderfully set up. The lip-smacking, delectable and traditional dishes for the ceremonious food festival of "Karthika Masam Vanabhojanam", when translated to the borrowed language (English), means "Having a meal in a forest/park in one of the auspicious months of the Telugu calendar (Karthikam)."

 A friendly banter, and chit-chat between the attendees, were not missed, although everyone ate their food. A lucky dip followed the lunch session. In total, 21 chits were picked from the registered numbers (say 100). A range of gifts from the food processor, grinder to 5 kg rice bags were distributed to the lucky ones. One of the specialities of the gathering was the age groups of the attendees, ranging from tiny tots to grandparents, which seems incomplete without mentioning self-declared YOUTH.

Photo sessions with frames and without frames (not FLAMES) were also arranged, and people, for a change, smiled and posed for a real camera instead of a digital device (mobile). The organisers did not let boredom take over the attendees' minds and kept them busy by conducting different games for the kids, adults and YOUTH too, which included spin-the-bottle, throw ball, kabaddi, kho-kho, and couple games, to name a few.

Kids and adults alike had a gala time, making new friends, forging new relationships, enjoying nature and spending a few hours away from the electronics. The evening was gleefully welcomed with a sizzling hot chai to energise the vibrant gathering.

In between, an informative session by a financial advisor who donned the role of fitness expert was arranged by the organisers to create awareness about Diabetes and Thyroid and their impact on weight loss/gain. (Do you expect financial advice at a WAM event? Come on, guys!!! On a pun note, we give advice but don't take them.) The day's last event was "Tambola/Housie"; the lucky ticket winners won money, whereas the rich contributed to their wins.

Dinner was also arranged by the organisers, and we were sent off with memoirs for a life-time. Reading for the first time, you might think this is somewhere in our homeland India, but, let me clarify that the WAM-Qatar family successfully organised this event in Doha, Qatar, on 11/11/22 (We are a financial clan and never miss on the additions…do we?).

2022 Cheers to the organisers, volunteers, sponsors and especially to all the attendees who made the event a grand success!!!

One done, and many more to follow!!!!!

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