Welcome to World Arya Vysya Mahasabha

In 2001-2002 meeting has been setup with all Arya Vysya chiefs in MAHATHI stadium, Tirupathi. Arya Vysya's from many parts of the country attended the meeting. Mr. Paparao garu former president of Andhra Pradesh lead the meeting and in his presence under the blessings of our clan chief Mr. Konijeti Rosaiah and other former presidents of Mahasabha's Mr. T.G.Venkatesh , Mr. Pardhasaradhi and Mr. Ambika Krishna and other chief guests from all other states are anonymously elected Mr. Darisi Pavan Kumar as president of world arya vysya mahasabha and Mr. Tanguturi Ramakrishna as convenor of WAM.

On 3rd July 2015 the honourable governor of Tamilnadu as one of the founder of World AryaVysya Mahasabha Shri. Konijeti Rosaiah garu and election officer , founder and senior member of World AryaVysya Mahasabha Shri. Immidi Koteswararao garu proposed Shri. Tanguturi Ramakrishna garu, Telangana President Shri. Amaravadhi Lakshmi Narayana garu , Kerala President Shri. Venkatesh garu and Veerelli Lakshmaiah garu for WAM president position and all members anonymously elected Shri. Tanguturi Ramakrishna garu as president of World AryaVysya Mahasabha.

Objectives of the World Arya Vysya Mahasabha

  1. We are not against any Vysya Organization including State Arya Vysya Maha Sabhas , Vasavi Clubs , IVF , AVOPA , or Maha Mandals or any other organizations.
  2. We are ready to work with all the above for the betterment of the society.
  3. Now our Arya Vysya’s are living in over 100 countries scattered all over the globe. WAM wants to construct a bridge and bring all o them in to small VYSYA UNIVERSE.
  4. To give our support and exchange cooperation among us.
  5. State Presidents will instruct entire State committee / teams regarding every month programmes.
  6. State Presidents will conduct E.C meetings once in THREE MONHTS. To conduct regional meetings once in SIX MONTHS. And once in year a GENERAL BODY MEETING will be conducted in which states will identify team level and individual achievers in various categories and honor them suitably.
  7. Membership Enrollment drive to be conducted in new areas by forming a suitable committee for strengthening WAM. Different kind of social service programs and cultural programmes may be organized to achieve the same.
  8. Active participation in national level issues is very essential in common problems facing our community. Our WAM members can also be a member of any other organization.
  9. State Level / District Level / Mandal Level Committees can fix MONTHLY/or/ YEARLY subscription for day to day programs and to meet expenditure for the same
  10. Similarly, MAHILA VIBHAG and YUVDHAL can also fix and collect a monthly-or- annual fees to meet their organizational expenditure. Accounts are to be maintained and submitted to their respective executive committee for approval every year.
  11. Some of our community people’s basic problems cannot be solved in District and State level, because those are national level problems, since our being a Global organization striving to solve national issues effecting the entire community.
  12. We are not against the reservation system prevailing at present. We are demanding 15 % reservation for economically poor and meritorious in the forward caste.
  13. We are demanding Educational loans. In some of the states we are not even mentioned in their gazette (eg. Tamilnadu). In some states we are classified as Backward. We are demanding for an equal status at country level. Otherwise our children’s education and employment opportunities are badly affected. Even the benefits given by various state governments like Housing Schemes/ Old age pension / Medical Support/ Economic support for Widows etc are not reaching our community people due to the reasons given above.
  14. POLITICAL JUSTICE ACCORDING TO POPULATION: Nominated posts should be given according to percentage of population in a given state. Justice in jobs and promotions for our community people can be achieved only by showing our strength politically by creating leaders from our community.
  15. Similarly, we have 30 demands which we have placed before the government. The Global President can conduct National Level meeting ONCE IN YEAR and an International meet can be conducted ONCE IN TWO YEARS.
  16. We have oral understanding with the management of Sathrms / Guest Houses / of our community to treat our WAM members on par with their members in providing accommodation and charges levied , subject to the availability of rooms. Active discussions are in place with managements of sathrams at Chennai/ Tirupathi/ Thirumala/ Sri Kalahasthi/ Puttaparthi/ Srisailam/ Vijayawada/ Annavaram/ Simhachalam/ Bhadrachalm/ Hyderabad/ Shirdi and Varanasi (Kasi) etc.